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Gaelic Singing at Bun-sgoil Taobh na Pàirce
Gaelic song is taught  in Clas 4-7  by Jackie Cotter, who works on Thursdays.  Tutoring in Gaelic song for Clas 1-3 and Sgoil Àraich  is provided by Patsie Seddon, who works on Tuedays.

Main Aims:
Our musical teaching philosophy is that singing is the foundation of all musical learning and the earlier we start the better. Both Ms Seddon and Ms Cotter’s teaching techniques are very much influenced by the Kodaly method and so, we aim to develop inner hearing as soon as possible. This inner hearing tool proves a great advantage to all singers, and additionally is invaluable should a child go on to play an instrument. Ultimately, we believe everyone can sing, and therefore aim to have all our pupils sing their hearts out.

Children of this age are having successful music classes if they are having fun. Enjoyment is everything – without it there is no incentive to learn. They will sing, stamp, clap, dance, miaow, snore, play and socialise. We will try and coax singing sounds from even the quietest pupils. We will teach them that their voice has a big range in pitch and volume and that it is fun to explore these sounds together. We will use physical movement to highlight the changing position and volume of notes. We will introduce the idea of music having a heartbeat. Rhythm will be introduced using songs often repeated and then pictures and stick notation will be shown which tie in. Musical ideas and concepts will be gently introduced without the children being aware as such.

c1 – 3
Again there is an emphasis on developing musicality using an active, fun approach through singing. As mentioned above, our teaching technique is very much influenced by the Kodaly method. This means we teach music (1) subconsciously eg all play a game that uses a song/rhyme (2) consciously ie introduce a musical concept that appears in the song/rhyme (3) reinforcing that concept by using it to teach a new song/rhyme.

The “musical alphabet” will be taught and we will work on recognising musical intervals using hand signals and body games. We will strengthen the idea of music having a heartbeat and teach rhythm by learning songs with lots of repetitive rhythm – puirt-a-beul are good for this – and then introducing pictures and stick notation to represent the rhythms they’ve been using.

C4 – 7
In classes 4-7 we will reinforce and expand on the musical ideas and concepts introduced in classes 1-3. We will concentrate more on pitch accuracy and help children having pitch difficulties understand the importance of volume and listening to others. We will start singing in harmony as much as possible. The choir will be strengthened and team work will be stressed as very important. We will aim to show how singing helps with physical and mental health and can help in other areas of the curriculum.

At this age, interested children are given as much support and attention as possible to enable them to compete at the appropriate standard to take part in the local and National Mod (Gaelic music festivals).

As a Gaelic medium school, we think it is important that we prepare pupils for local and national Mod (Gaelic music festival) competitions, and Ms Cotter will  play an important role in these preparations.

Over the last few years pupils have been very successful at national Mod level, taking top prizes in choir, folk group, duet and solo events. The Mod choir is also invited to perform regularly at a wide range of events including the Scottish Parliament, City of Edinburgh music concerts, charity events, local Gaelic organisation events and other events of local, national and international importance.

Clàr–ama November 2015  Bh. U. Cotter

9.25 – 10.30  Clas 5

10.45 11.35  Clas 6

11.35 – 12.20  Clas 7

1.05 -2.15   Choir

2.15- 3.10  Clas 4

Timetable Bh. U. Seddon

9.30 -10.00  Clas 1

*All children in classes 5, 6 and 7 will be asked if they want to take part in the Mod Choir. This choir requires children to be very well disciplined and involves extra homework (in learning words) as well as taking part in performances out of school hours. Clearly the music here is taken quite seriously, and this type of singing is not for all eg It will not suit children who do not like to stand still!
Seinn (The Singing Group) will concentrate more on singing and making music with lots of movement. The aim is not necessarily performance, but to sing purely for pleasure and have a bit of fun.
(nb All those in the Mod Choir will also be asked to take part in Seinn)
In this way we hope that everyone will find their appropriate singing place within the school.

** If parents would like their child to sing solo (traditional/prescribed songs) at the Local Mod, they will be asked (a) to let the school know asap and (b) to enter their own child. If it is felt that a child who is capable of solo singing has not been entered, then Mrs McLuskey may contact his/her parents and suggest they consider entering him/her.
Mrs McLuskey will select and enter pupils from classes 5,6,7 for duet singing through the school.

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